What is Toss and Fetch anyway?

If you have visited splashdowndogsports.com or our Facebook page, you have seen references to various disc events that we have on site throughout the year. The one we host most often is the Bainbridge, NY Toss and Fetch club.

What is toss and fetch you ask? Toss and fetch is a league that runs at various times throughout the year for 5 weeks at a time. Each dog/handler team collects points by making in air or roller catches. The top teams score points for their club and the clubs compete with other clubs from around the world. At the end of the 5 weeks, teams are awarded patches and pins based upon their scores for the 5 weeks of participation.

Map notes clubs from around the world

Toss and Fetch offers something for all levels of disc competitors. It is very beginner friendly, but also has distance and speed challenges for the more seasoned competitor. At only 15-20 dollars per 5 week season it is certainly a deal for any dog sport enthusiast!

If you would like additional information about toss and fetch, you can check it out at tossandfetch.com or reach out to us at Splashdown Dog Sports. We would love to have you and your dog join our club!

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  1. I am interested in dock diving w/ my year old Aussie. Please advise of your classes and cost. I am in Apalachin. Thank you.

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