The why behind trick training

Some might ask “Why would I want to teach my dog tricks?” My answer is “because…”.

My answer is because it is good for your dog. Your dog needs mental stimulation regularly. Learning a new trick, even an easier one, allows their brain to work. We have dogs that are bred for such a wide variety of tasks and we don’t ask them to use their powerful brains for those tasks very often. Allow them to use their brains by focusing on the learning of a trick.

My answer is because it is good for you. You can take pride in “showing off” the new trick that you taught your dog. You will improve your training skills by teaching your canine friend a new trick. Challenging yourself in this manner will improve you! In a time where we are all facing so many challenges, trick training supports your mental health and helps you be “in the moment” with your canine buddy.

My answer is most importantly because trick training continues to build your relationship with your dog. Bonding over the joys and struggles of a new trick builds a bond that is strong and full of respect. 

So, go on YouTube and find a video of a trick or check out a trick training book or look at this blog in the coming weeks to find a trick(s)  that you want to work on. Go to AKC trick training to view information about the titles that you can earn through the American Kennel Club. Sometimes we need a goal to work toward to assist in motivating us. The American Kennel Club gives us this through their trick dog program. Splashdown has an evaluator on staff to “test” you when you are ready to earn that title so do not hesitate to reach out. 

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