One great resource.

So many people approach me about the wide variety of information available regarding all things dog. They always want to know what the best and most reliable resources are so they know where to spend their time and money.

One of my suggestions is always the Whole Dog Journal. This online and in print journal is published monthly and always contains a wide variety of health, training, product, and food information. A look at November 2021 articles will prove the point. This month there are articles on: new puppy advice, group training classes, vomiting, poop bags, impulse control, itching relief, and DIY holiday gifts for dogs and dog lovers. This variety is typical every month.

In addition, the subscription fee is only $20 for the year which includes online archives. You can choose an online version or a print version. Personally, I prefer print copies as I save them and can refer back, but the online option gives you the ability to search topics easily. $20 for 12 issues- I am not even sure how they can do this! 

If you have a dog lover in your life, you can send them a gift subscription for the same, low price. 

I suggest you check them out soon. FYI, I receive no compensation or other payment for recommending this journal. I simply appreciate their product and think you will too. 

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