NADD rules update.

NADD rules for 2022 have been updated!

Check out North American Dock Diving (NADD) rules for 2022. 

Summary of rules updates:

  1. Registration time frame changed. Pre-registration ends 2 weeks prior to the event. You may withdraw 15 days before the event to prevent a no show. 
  2. If you pre-register for an event and do not withdraw 15 days prior, you must pay for the event or have a vet note to avoid a no show. To say it differently, if you pre-register, you must show up, pay for it, or have a note.
  3. The penalty for a dog vomiting has been removed.
  4. Humans are no longer allowed in the pool with the exception of assisting an animal in dire need.
  5. Judges may allow a team to opt out of the second jump if the human has exhaustively attempted to get the dog to jump and wishes to leave the dock.
  6. One handler must always be on the dock, but the 2nd handler may leave the dock if they need to.
  7. Toy should only be returned once in a competition splash. Return of toy after once will cost the team a jump attempt.
  8. Clips and toy for AR and HD have been standardized for all facilities.
  9. AR timeout may be taken at any time. You must call the timeout within seconds of the dog reaching the ramp. 
  10. HD line requirements (7’ and 10’) have relaxed to a full stop prior to jump.
  11. HD time requirements have changed to include a time out at 39.999 for open dogs and 49.999 for lap dogs. 

There are other changes and I encourage you to read through the entire rule book. You will want to understand the expectations prior to competition day. Reach out to me if you have any questions. 

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